First Blog Entry

Howie x Gertie Puppies

This is our first entry in our new blog. We are super excited to be able to give you up to date information on our dogs and newest litters here at Huckleberry Labradors. We have high hopes in adding at least 2 entries weekly when we have a litter of puppies! Otherwise, we will update the "Blog" as needed. We hope you find the information on our website to be beneficial in your search for the perfect Labrador for your family. We are always available to chat with prospective families. 


Puppies are three weeks old today!! Where has the time gone? We are really enjoying each of these little puppies. Their "BIG" individual personalities are starting to flourish and boy, do they have personality!! You should hear all the ruckus that goes on in that whelping  box!! They are actually starting to play together; this includes some growling and biting. Good thing it really is only gumming as they do not have any teeth, yet!!


Puppies exhausted after a great meal of mashed up food!! 

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