Second Blog Entry


Puppies still enjoying their mother's milk.


Snuggle Buddies!!


Sweet girl resting.


Carson has turned into my BEST puppy helper!! He LOVES puppy playtime!!

As, you can see this little one ADORES him!


Puppies moved up to the lap of luxury!! No more whelping box!!

This HUGE play yard is exactly what they were hoping for!!

Weekly Update:

Puppies have really had an amazing week!! They have moved from the whelping box to a great play yard! So much more room to romp!! They really enjoy wrestling with and tackling one another.   But most of all, they LOVE to snuggle with each other. They are eating mushed up puppy food 3 times per day and, Gertie is still staying with them overnite. Gertie is still a good mother but appears to be looking forward to her swinging single days again!! These puppies are some of the sweetest we have ever had the pleasure of having her at Huckleberry. They just LOVE being held and snuggling up to our necks. More pictures to come. I cannot believe these pups will be 4 weeks old tomorrow!!

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